Dipesh Pandya 11

Tigris/Tigras, 2020

oh look at the tiger
the tiger is a tigress
but i digress
changing fixtures
tampering with tinctures
erasing cultures
from tigris to tigras
and hijabs to hijras
spoils of victors holy soldiers
our parents they told us
from youngest to oldest
when we’re born we know this
scaredy cat scaredy cat
the balls in your court you got the facts
our work is the truth never ever wack
we write from the pain of the brown and the black
sometimes to go forward we need to go back
we never ever stray from the tigers tracks
the swan slays hate from the tigers back
cross legged swords drawn ready to attack
no need to blaze guns the swords enflamed suns split your wig and snap your back
the sight of me gives you a heart attack
lightning clap and a weak heart drop
the thunder strikes a weak heart clap
tiger tiger solid orange, brown and black

Moth Tears and Tiger Memories, 2020