Dipesh Pandya 9

Love For The Tiger Cub, 2020

you showed no love for the tiger cub
my tiger clash war with tiger dubs
sidewinder organisers wheel up wheel up
calling out all colonisers
the game done changed you’re none the wiser
sher or singham sonic lingam
enter the tiger
no sign of the dragon
nail george on the cross
paint the wheel on the wagon
trigger warning trigger
finger on the trigger
go easy squeeze
red tears release
you say don’t shoot please
cloaked in red bloody memories
old wars and new enemies
infections spread dis-ease with ease
no justice no past no presents for future peace
inconsiderate mentions
enhanced interrogation sessions
tits for tats and tiffs for toffs
heated yoga mats fuck off wim hof
yeah i’m hating on your appropriating
imperial system machine white washed not so clean
swipe and spin news feed cycle check your vitals
spit or swallow i no longer follow
blood red cross hairs show up in my cross bow
ok i’m reloaded! i rewrote the switch code
epigenetic glitch gone switched on to stitch bones bitch
infra-bass originate from my tiger twitch