Josefin Arnell Script

Small person

Director: Mother earth and Ticks are staring into the void, scratching.
Somewhere a small person is standing, 
standing in a corner, scratching in a wound 
scratching but not knowing what to do with one self
undecidable of taking further actions it walks slowly over the street,
it walk slowly over the street and it reaches a pocket bigger larger than life, 
what’s inside this pocket? 
what’s inside the pocket?
we later understand it’s the beginning, 
we later understand it’s the beginning of something
it’s the beginning of …something…

Stories from the lyme experience

Director: Mother earth talks informative and excited. Look into the audience and at your body.

Mother earth: This is a true story, she came home from a lovely day in the woods and experienced a lack of bounciness in her breasts. To her they were sucking on her tits. They had climbed in while she was lying on her belly down the semi wet grass. She didn’t notice, until now. Now she was standing in the bathroom frustrated by what she saw with her eyes. Staring into her own body. Her breasts were flat. They had sucked it all up. Next day she called the clinic. 

Director: Do the phone gesture and silly phone voice. 

Mother earth: I need an emergency filling. D cups with pointy nipples as soon as possible.

Suck on me harder I eat you for starter 

Director: This story has a lot of puberty in it. The feeling of…. Oooooh poor little boy. Ticks you have blood in your mouth, as you have just eaten.  Sing this poem as opera with a lot of proud emotions. 

Ticks: You are on your knees begging me please suck on me harder
I eat you for starter
Trying to get rid of you
gaining muscle fat when I chew you like butter 
Blood stream not on the side of my mouth 
Leftover clutter
Oh boy, Oh boy 
Running away from you takes time
One day I will die
its alright you be fine
as long as you’re mine                       
I get wings to fly
I can touch the sky

Mother earth is hot 

Director: Mother earth continue informative and then sit down and drink the liquid.

Mother earth: Even when life is hard romance is alive. Mother earth as the ultimate guru. 
She is hot as hell When someone passes her on the street they are dragged by instinctual forces to touch her bare skin, mud and roots are growing out of her hair. If you have hippie style you find this especially attractive. It’s cooler than dreads but smells like the forest. She says she is suffering poorly but actually she is very rich. Look at her rich clothes. 
She got the diagnosis of bipolar, but to her surprise she misses the part of being in a state of unnaturally elevated mood, where is my hypomania she screams and refuses to blossom the cherry trees. She had abusive experiences in her childhood. She is very old. She aged like a carpet. 
Mood stabilizers are sold out, because everyone needs to drive a car. Lithium here and lithium there. 
She finds out how to put her metabolism into euphoria: She sits on the bottom of a cliff, above the cliff is an electric car factory and the lithium waste water, like a waterfall, is pouring down into her mouth.  

Mother is drunk

Director: At this point Mother Earth is very drunk. Mother earth pretends to sleep sloppy on the ground. Ticks enters from the forest, like an excited child he jumps and tries to wake up his mother. Ticks sings opera.

Ticks: Mother there is something I would like to particularly address. Mother I had a dream, Mother I had a dream. 
People were hunting me mother, horrible, horrible, horrible.  I was running to the end of the world, my puberty legs could almost not follow my heart was pumping, rate was high.

Family sex

Director: Mother earth sit up from lying and talk from being very drunk, sludder and stutter, you are annoyed and your voice is very deep. 

Mother earth: Mother earth had intercourse with one of her sons, how could she not, she is the mom of everyone so the blood band is complicated. The incest is hard to balance. Digest it she says to the press and later that journalist is brutally murdered. They found him with his face down, half eaten by one of her children, they don’t go on dead cadavers. They like fresh flesh, warm blood and to experience the suffering scream when they hunt them down in the deep forest.

She is sick and tired of looking after others. The children says they all want to protect her, but in reality they just want to fuck her. Rumors say if you reach her deep down, where the lava is hotter than boiling history you climax as the best way to die.


Director: Ticks sing opera angry while looking at Mother earth. Mother earth you you are still drunk. 

Ticks: I hate the way you look at me. I hate the way you look at me when I move my body, 
I hate the way you look at me when I suck on someone, when I kill someone.  
When I squeeze something tight between my fingers so my veins are exposed and enlarged, I hate when you look at me when I do that particular action. 

Mother earth: I’m an addicted princess, look at my land, it is larger than your life. I own everything. 
My life is a medieval fantasy kingdom.  
I like to be fucked as an act of healing, lying down.  
I feel so nauseous in my stomach, this means Im alive, I am a living being, that I can feel this, 
this inside of me, and all these sensations and worriedness. 

Director: Mother earth starts to growl. And Ticks is concerned. 

Mother earth: It was a dark day for our empire. You told me that you loved me then you wrote a love song about your dead lover, just after we had sex?

Ticks: But mother, you told me to kill her. 

Mother earth: The glamour has left the building …I can feel no sparkle anymore.

Side effect include

Director: This happened when Mother earth was unconscious, she could not defend herself. Mom is self destructive because she pretended to be asleep again, so she didn’t have to care about complaints or being accused. They are both drunk now. Mother earth is still on the floor half lying and Ticks sits by her side. 

Ticks: If you love the earth so much why don’t you marry it? 

Mother earth: If I were you, I would not pull that thread
Mother earth: Side effect include:
Mother earth: Insomnia 

Ticks: Insomnia 

Mother earth: Crazy insomnia 

Ticks: Crazy insomnia 

Mother earth: Never sleep

Ticks:  Never sleep 

Mother earth: Fear of shaking 

Ticks: Fear of shaking 


Director: Ticks sits on his knees, sing opera very sad melancholic

Ticks: This is my body 
I lived in this body all my life. 
Until I experienced the species barrier 
I was a puppy that tried to say I loves you 
I looked at the cat who eat his food and when I you looked at it, 
It jumps on me. 
This is my body

I breathe in and I feel good 
I breathe out and i feel good 
I breathe in and I feel good 
I breathe out and i feel good 
I breathe in and I feel good 
I breathe out and i feel good 
I breathe in and I feel good 
I breathe out and i feel good…

Fear + Julia Roberts

Director: This is an inspiration from a conservation international commercial. 
Fear is present and she is scared of appearing juvenile. I’m pissed at myself for that, for not going there. I felt, really this is my age. One of the most snooty pockets of being alive. Julia Roberts plays Mother Earth, she loves it because they both have red hair. Mother earth you walk serious and slow with the voice of Julia Roberts

Mother earth: Some call me nature others call me mother nature. 4,5 billion years. 
I don’t need you, but you need me. 
When I thrive 
When I falter 
I have fed myself fat, and I have starved you to extinction over and over again. 
You might feel greater than me until I piss you all over. 
My oceans 
My soils
My flowing streams 
My forests
My you 
They all can take you or leave you 
How do you choose to live each day? 
Whatever you regard or disregard me, does not really matter to me, one way or the other. 
Your actions will determine your fate, not mine. 
I am your mother 
I will go on
I am prepared to evolve 
Are you?

Director: Ticks play water so you have a liquid voice.

Ticks: I am water 
I’m simply just there 
Something you take for granted? 
But there is only so much of me and more of them every single day 
I start as rain in the mountains 
Flow to rivers and streams and up in the ocean 
10.000 years to get back in the state I’m in now
To you I’m just there, I’m just water 

Director: Ticks plays the Soil so you have a deep voice.

Ticks: I’m the soils too 
I’m in hills and wallies the farms the flowers 
Without me you don’t exist 
You treat me like dirt 
Im a thin skin, growing you older, 
Broking, aching overused and sick because of you 
You have wittered me away,
I´m sinking with you  
I’m turning to dust and you seems not to care

Director: Mother earth growls angry to Ticks. 

Mother earth: Enough, Now, go wash your hands young boy


Director: Ticks you explore the idea, you are curious and think while you are singing and illustrate the gestures. 

Ticks: The more tiny you are the less damage you make on earth, if your feets are big they are more likely to destroy a beautiful flower when walking on the grass. Thinking in small individual steps, also latterly walking with small steps can help a holistic view on the world on a longer timeline. You may not think starving today it’s worth the suffering of hunger, but it does. Biologically we will gradually be born tiny.

Mother earth: Stop eat. 

Director: Mother earth repeat, you can growl, you are annoyed. 

Ticks: Don’t feed your children, keep them small and young. 

Mother earth: Stop eat

Ticks: 13 is a perfect age. Enough hormones to rule the world. Puberty for exciting decisions. 

Mother earth: Stop eat. 

Ticks: I wanna be small and tiny 

Mother earth: So much PRESSURE

Ticks: Earn money by not buying food at all. Come out to your friends as being a tiny person as others come out as a fat person. Others will celebrate your braveness. 

Ticks: As a fat person I’m embarrassed when cracking a chair with my heavy ass. A thin person is getting chronically inflamed arms when opening my car doors 24/7. 
That there is no right weight, that is bullshit. A fat teenager feels like a monster. A thin teenager feels invisible. If everyone is tiny this can prevent bad self image.  


Director: Mother earth and Ticks are singing a duet. It’s a good atmosphere. After you finish you laugh a lot. 

Mother earth and Ticks
Re-acting your delivery in water, might ease this tension. 
Tossed up on the beach slimy and enjoyable. 
somewhere outside Utrecht. 
in deliver I pray for horror, 
welcoming the ultraviolet Vitamin D
and continuing with 50 000 units injections twice a week 
for the rest of my life. 

Mother / Son fight 

Director: Last scene. You both start with tension in your voices and then reach climax. Ticks sings opera. Mother earth builds up your growl and then be really angry in the end. Keep going longer than you think.

Ticks: But mom please

Mother earth: NO, I said no 

Ticks: But please

Mother earth: No you are not grown up 

Ticks: just 50 more Euro. 50 Euro?

Ticks: just 50 more Euro.

Mother earth: If you were a tiny person we would not even have to buy food 

Ticks: but please just a little bit. 50 more Euros

Mother earth: To bad you were pretty hot but yet stupid. My love you will have to bleed to death. 

Director: Mother earth make a cool somersault and point a gun on Ticks, Ticks screams and put his arms in the air.

Ticks: The world is screwed now it’s our fault Mother BUTT SMEAR! 

Ticks: Are you going to kill your own child? 

Mother earth: Please I’m not ovary acting 

Ticks: You are close to my heart what happened to the rest of you? 

Mother earth: I need more from you

Director: Grab Ticks chest and push him down the floor. Violent.  

Ticks: No mother you don’t have to rough me up so much 

Director: Mother earth growls the loudest you can. Ticks you  answer softly and scared.

Mother earth: Do I make myself clear? 

Ticks: Yes mother 

Mother earth: Do I make myself clear? 

Ticks: Yes mother 

Mother earth: Do I make myself clear? 

Ticks: Yes mother 

Mother earth: Do I make myself clear? 

Ticks: Yes mother 

Mother earth: Do I make myself clear? 

Ticks: Yes mother 

Mother earth: Do I make myself clear? 

Ticks: Yes mother 

Mother earth: Do I make myself clear? 

Ticks: Yes mother 

Director: Now Breastfeed. 

Ticks: Yes mother 

Mother earth: Do I make myself clear? 

Ticks: Yes mother 

Mother earth: Do I make myself clear? 

Ticks: Yes mother 

Mother earth: Do I make myself clear? 

Ticks: Yes mother 

Mother earth: Do I make myself clear? 

Ticks: Yes mother